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FAQ's for weddings

What music do you play?

We are an open format DJ service. This means we can play just about every genre. All our wedding clients get emailed our wedding music checklist to fill out and return. This includes not only all the important songs, but also covers artists that you and your partner enjoy listening to. This gives us a good insight as to what music you guys are into and helps us to tailor our playlist on the night to make sure your wedding is memorable. 

Do you take requests on the night?

In short, YES! We love requests at weddings! However, we are DJ's, we know what works and what does not.  We are also not youtube or spotify either, this means we are limited to our library we have with us. Whilst yes we have an extensive collection of tunes on hand, we don't have every song ever recorded. It isn't as simple as going to youtube and pressing play.  Not only that, we may not play your request ASAP. It may take up to 30 mins for a request to be played. We wont change immediately from 90's RnB that has the dancefloor full just to play one 70's song for a guest that will certainly empty the d-floor. We work the crowd and cycle through the genres throughout the night based on the reactions we receive from guests. We do this week after week with 7 years experience. We will get to your request, just leave the "when" bit up to us.

Do you provide an MC?

No. We do not offer any MC's for weddings. We are more than happy to work in with one if you want to outsource them. 

Do you have a microphone?

Yes. All our wedding packages come with 2 wireless hand held microphones. These are strictly for the use of MC'ing and speeches only. 

What package is best for me?

Every wedding is different. Take into account your budget, venue, styling, and layout. But don't let the idea of your perfect wedding you have in your head get away from you! 

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, all our wedding packages require a 10% deposit to secure us for your special day.

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