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Our Installs

With in house Electricians, Cablers, Tower Technicians, Lighting/vision Technicians, Sound Technicians and Audio Engineers you can be rest assured your project will be well planned and designed with your needs at the core, followed with quality products and high installation standards. 

Harden Country Club and Motel

Well, Where do we start. This was a massive project. Commencing in 2022, completion mid 2024, this project was a complete new venue build with a new motel block.  We were engaged to Design, Supply, Install and commission a venue wide sound system, Pokie Machine Data Cabling, and venue and motel MATV Distribution and Wi-Fi, as well as overseeing the Keno, TAB, Foxtel and IT side of things, ensuring a clean install finish. With a number of provisions and changes along the way, this job certainly had its challenges. 


Audio Control: Xillica

Amplification: Optimal Audio

Speakers: Optimal Audio, Electrovoice


Networking and Wifi: Serveredge, Ubiquiti


TV Amplification: Matchmaster


Wollongong Master Builders Club - Basement Bar

We were engaged to Design, Supply, Install and Program a complete Front-Of-House (FOH) audio system, complimented with a basic, easy to operate stage lighting system for the Builders Club Performance Space. Height restrictions and Architectural elements were certainly a challenge to get a solution designed and installed in, all while keeping in mind the venues intended use for the system. Comedy shows, GALA Dinners, 60s and 70s themed nights. This system comprises of various Dante devices, Mipro Wireless Microphones (700series) as well as a remote access solution for service calls, firmware updates and system control modification. We also supplied a Lectern with Custom sign writing 

Control: Xillica and Visual Productions

Speakers: Optimal Audio, FBT and ElectroVoice

Microphones: Mipro

Lighting: Event Lighting

Presentation Sisters - Wagga 

The Presentation Sisters in Wagga Wagga engaged us to Design, Supply, Install and Commission a new Video calling and PA/Microphone system in their Roundhouse Meeting space in Wagga.  Keeping in mind a majority of users for this space being less tech savvy than you're average 30year old, we came up with a solution that was simple to use and adaptive to a variety of uses. 

We went with the Fohn Linear Array speakers for this space due to the architectual element that we were requested to try to not impede and take away from the looks of the room. not only that, the Fohn Speakekers coupled with the matching Fohn Amp and configured correctly for the room size and dynamics, these state of the art speakers sound phenomenal, and will provide high quality, clear audio output for years to come

Control: Optimal Audio

Amplification: Fohn

Speakers: Fohn

Microphones: Shure

VC cam and mics: Alfatron

PC: Lenovo

William Farrer Hotel - Wagga Wagga

Harvest Hospitality Group engaged us to Design, Supply, Install and program a complete venue wide sound system as part of their renovations. Previously the venue ran two separate analogue systems. They not have a single digital system, all controlled from an ipad with various timed presets. This installation included a venue wide dual microphone system, integration of Audalize 2ch Background Music Source, BIG Screen and two other TV inputs as well as various other Dante inputs. 

Additions to this project during the build process included us designing and installing a new MATV network for the Bistro/Dining area and AV section of the comms rack, as well as supply and install of new TVs for the Bistro/Dining areas, and re-hanging of TVS in the main bar/TAB areas. 

Control: Xilica

Amplification: Dynacord

Speakers: Optimal Audio, FBT and ElectroVoice

Microphones: Mipro

Book Book Station - Wagga

We were engaged to provide a solution for their core asset locations with Wi-Fi coverage and Network connection for CCTV as well as solve their internet connection issues. 

Nestled in on the side of a hill and backing into a valley, this property and its 5 dwellings are tucked into a dead spot for all NBN connections and only one dwelling having a stable Telstra 4g coverage. Following a property inspection, connection report and coverage planning, we opted for a Starlink Primary Connection with a Telstra 4g failover connection for their ISP. Coupled with a Ubiquiti 5ghz point-to-multi-point (ptmp) wireless network to connect up the cottage, homestead, shed, bore and a solar CCTV station. Wi-Fi Coverage being provided by a variety of Ruijie  wireless access points, both inside and outside dwellings. Outside wifi coverage boasting up to a whopping 200m radius coverage from the outside WAP's.  This solution then also allowed the client to engage a CCTV installer to install a single property CCTV system to monitor the property, staff and elderly family members living onsite. 

Network Equipment: Starlink, Teltonika, Ubiquiti, Ruijie

CCTV: Dahua (supplied and installed by PJB Communications Wagga)

Morton - Overhead Power Removal

We were engaged to remove the low overhead powerlines around the farm to eliminate electrocution risks with moving oversize farm machinery about the property. Timed with a request from Essential Energy to remove the old school subtract metering system on the property and a new shed being built that required power, we designed and installed a complete overhead power line deletion, with new underground power distribution system to feed the 4 dwellings, keeping the 32amp 2 phase supply limit in play, but also planning for future solar, battery and generator input, new homestead and other future infrastructure as well as potential future sub upgrades.  

This Job also included Fit out of lights and power for the new shed, including a number of yard flood lights. 

Level2 ASP: Billy Kelly Electrical

Lighting: Pierlite

Hexar - DEMATIC Conveyor

We were engaged for a number of months to aid in the installation of a state of the art palletising plant for a local abattoir.  This Project had us complete 4 months worth of work over weekdays, weekends and nightshift com complete the job.  Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) charging stations, access and safety control to robot bays, DC Roller Conveyors and VSD Belt conveyors, Carton Turnaround, profiling, reject and automated pallet wrapper with dual in and outloading bays, as well as aiding the mechanical team with installation of various components and integration with two other up stream and downstream automated systems for storage and supply of product

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