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Rural Connectivity Solutions

Providing everything you need to keep you online and connected to the world

On Farm Connectivity Program

Are you a primary producer interested in expanding connectivity on your property?
The Australian Government is offering rebates of up to 50% on AgTech equipment through the On Farm Connectivity Program.
The On Farm Connectivity Program can help you improve the safety and productivity of your property with connected machinery and sensor
Rebates of up to $30,000 will be available for a wide range of technologies and services including LPWAN, connectivity equipment, environmental
monitoring, farm management, remote automation and control, installation and delivery.
To receive the rebate, you need to operate an eligible primary production activity that is defined as those listed in the Australian and New Zealand
Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006 (revision 2.0) codes under Division A, Agricultural Forestry and Fishing, Subdivisions 01, 02 and 03.
To find out more and purchase equipment at the discounted rate, visit


Wireless Point to point data links

Need data at a separate dwelling/location to where your modem is? Want to cut back on the number of internet connections you have on your property/s?

Weather it be linking up two buildings or 20, we can do it all! Hills in the way between locations? NO PROBLEM! we have our very own custom build solar powered link/WAP poles, as well as being trained and qualified tower climbers and riggers, we can come up with a custom solution for you!

Starlink Installations

Once you've ordered your Starlink Kit, Book us in to come around and permanently install it on a proper wind rated mount that's Aussie made and designed for Australian conditions. entrusting us with the install of your SL kit is a sure fire way to know you dishy is setup in an optimal location for sky visibility with minimal to none obstructions, good clearance from your roof so your dishy wont overheat in the Aussie summer and cable protection at all exposed locations to prevent vermin chewing through the Starlink cable. all thins put together ensures you have a flawless internet service. 


Wifi Improvments

Need better Wi-Fi coverage through your home or business? perphaps you want good wifi coverage around the yard/workshop areas?  We can handle all your wifi coverage needs! 

Our outdoor 360 degree omni direction Wi-Fi "bubble" WAPs have up to a 300m radius coverage (pending install circumstances). 

Celfi Mobile Reception Boosters

Poor phone reception in your house, office or shed? Give us a call for a chat  about a Celfi kit installation. 

Designed to improve mobile phone reception coverage for calls and texts (not for data usage)


Large Scale Wi-Fi Deployment

When Andrew of Book Book Station heard we could deploy a Wi-Fi network for his property to cover key operational areas, he was blown away! Having put up with no mobile reception around the homestead, workshop, and 2 cottages since the dawn of mobile phones, he can now make and receive calls (Wi-Fi calling) over his internet connection, Starlink (as NBN don't even offer him any coverage). With 3 of our 360degree omni direction outdoor WAPs deployed (rated for up to 300m radius coverage each),  4x wireless point to point links, Starlink installation and a 4g backup failover connection modem with external antenna as well as various indoor WAPs, the property now has an extensive data network, with all key dwellings linked together. This has also opened him up to one single CCTV system, monitoring 3x property entrances and other key assets on the property.  The improved Wi-Fi network has not only enabled more than one location for an internet connection, but opened up staff to increased productivity and communication skills, increased farm bio security and bought about the ability to deploy smart farming practices and technologies like digital/remote water management and pump control, energy usage monitoring and remote calibration of farming equipment 

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Did you see us at HMFD 2022 or 2023?

We will be back again in 2024!

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