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Commercial AV Installations

From sound systems, to TV networking, to stage lighting and projectors


Sound Systems

From a small café, to large scale performance style venue spaces. We have a solution for you. Utilising only the best brands in the market, coupled with accurate 3d sound modelling, you can be assured that you will have an even sound displacement throughout you whole venue. Incorporating band/live mixing inputs, wireless microphones, TV/projector audio and background music is all a part of our service. Every  installation is tailored to your needs. 

Stage Lighting

Weather your a comedy club, night club, community hall or school, we can come up with a stage lighting solution tailored to your needs and budget. Oh, and don't forget the effects! We can even incorporate anything from CO2, to confetti and fog/hazers (and so much more!)

Theater Lights

TV Networking

Don't have all the same TV channels throughout your venue? Some locations pixelating or frequently dropping out? New TAB walls? Weather your a pub/club or motel, when can look after you and your TV coax network.  We know and understand how important the entertainment systems are for venues and accommodation these days, hence why we offer priority to our hospitality clients when they ring up with problems on their AV and TV systems


From church's to schools and performance venues. There's a projector for every installation. Projectors definitely aren't a thing of the past. LED walls are still soo much more expensive than a projector. plus, laser projectors these days have incredibly clear picture output. 


Our Brands

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