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Our Policy and Terms

We offer a free quoting service on all our electrical, data/Wi-Fi, AV, MATV and automation services.  We currently offer  three main payment plans. The one chosen for you will be done so at our discression. The chosen plan for you will depend on what the works are, Type of client you are and if you are a business or consumer. 

- Payment at completion of works

- Deposit for sum of materials, remainder due on completion of works

- Deposit, payment plan for remainder with invoices sent at completion of stages of the project. 

We currently offer card payment for on the spot payment at completion of works, as well as take bank transfer and cash as other payment options. Our updated payment terms include 7 day payment from date of invoice (unless the invoice says otherwise). Failure to pay by the due date may result in additional overdue fees becoming applicable (as listed on quotes and invoices) as well as legal action


Quotes are generally valid for14 days from date of quote. Acceptance of quote automatically means you accept our terms of trade which are sent as an attachment with all electronic quotes. We do not accept verbal quote acceptance. Email and acceptance through the electronic quote unique link (that is sent to your email) are our preferred acceptance methods. We will also accept text message and messages to our Facebook page as well for quote acceptance. 

If the works undertaken have any accounts, login details or passwords (including subscriptions) created for the project, alongside any Certificate of Completion of Electrical Works (CCEW), and other relevant certificates (including contact details for technical support through our retailers), Then they will be sent through via email at completion of project to the relevant departments ONLY AFTER FINAL PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE AND PROCESSED IN FULL for the projects entirety. Due to Insurance, Public Liability and privacy reasons we will not hand over any such details  during the project build, unless it is necessary and imperative to keep the build process happening. Some Hardware and accounts login details and passwords may be retained by us for maintenance and remote access for reasons such as remote help, remote software updates, remote modifications to user interfaces and future additional works. 

All information above is either business policy or included in our terms of trade and is subject to change without notice from time to time

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